Print Screen Overview

Select various plans and reports and print them or export them into a PDF file. Open the Print screen by clicking the File button in the upper-left corner of the screen and then clicking "Print".


  1. Settings Panel
    When the print screen is initially loaded, this area will contain a list of all plans and reports available in Measure. Include one in your printout/PDF by checking the box to the left of it. Click the Print_Settings_Button.png button next to a report to adjust its settings.

      Note: Each report has its own settings that do not overlap those of other reports. For example, setting the Room Plan to a landscape orientation will only cause that plan to print in landscape mode.

    Additional settings are displayed in this area when one of the options from the Print Configuration panel (see point 3 below) is selected.

  2. Print Preview
    Displays an example of how the report(s) will appear once printed/exported. By default, the preview will not be refreshed each time a change is made. Instead, a box will appear in the center with an option to refresh the preview at any time.

    Use the scroll bars below and to the right of the preview to scroll in any direction, or move the cursor over the preview, hold down the left mouse button, and move the cursor. Zoom in or out by rolling the mouse wheel up or down, or use the zoom slider (see point 4 below).

  3. Print Configuration

    Lists all available plans and reports and provides options for configuring them.

    Choose which printer should be used and set various printer-specific options.

    Manage header and footer settings.

    Thumbnail view of the entire preview. Select a specific page to quickly navigate to it.

  4. Zoom Slider
    Optional method for zooming. Slide the handle to the left to zoom out or right to zoom in.
  • Always Refresh Automatically
    Enable this box to re-render the print preview each time a setting is changed.

      Tip: Save time by leaving this box unchecked when many changes need to be made in rapid succession.

  • Print
    Immediately send the selected plans and reports to whichever device is selected in the "Printer" panel.
  • PDF
    Open the "Export to PDF" window. This window contains options involved with creating a PDF file of the selected plans and reports.
  • Quote
    Open the "Generate Forms" feature and set it to the "Quote" preset.


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