Cut Plan

The Cut Plan displays the length of each cut and can optionally display detailed cut instructions.

Sample Plan:


Plan Options

Include in report: Everything / Selection Only
Indicate whether to have the entire project included in the report or only what has been selected in the drawing area.
Select the language that Measure created labels will display in
Cross Hatching
Display products in crosshatching instead of color chip
Show Dimensions
Display cut dimensions
Dimension Size
Adjust the font size of the dimension label.
Show Cut Names
Display the name of each cut.
Cut Name Size
Adjust the font size of cut names.
Group Label Size
Adjust the font size of cut group labels
Group Details Size
Adjust the font size of the cut group details information. This setting also governs the size of text rendered by the "detailed cut instructions" option.

 Size is set in unit of measure so that they can scale properly with the rest of the diagram

cut plan options - Copy.png
Fit entire group to page
Display one cut group per page.
Text Only (no diagram)
Cut plan will be text only
Hide extra waste
If extra waste has been applied on a project this will be excluded from the cut plan.
Show room name on cuts
Include detailed instructions for cuts. Displayed alongside "Group Details".
Show measuring lines
Display any measuring lines that have been drawn on the cut plan
Cut instructions format
Choose to display the cut plan across one column, two columns, or multiple columns; and choose single or multi-page options.
Cut instructions
Choose to include cut instructions on the diagram, on a separate page, or none at all.
Column format
Display cut plan rolls as a one, two, or more columns across one, or multiple pages.
Show rooms in each group
If the option to display "Cut Instructions" on a separate page has been selected, then the option to "Show rooms in each group" will become available. This option will display the names of the rooms belonging to each cut group.
Choose a print orientation for the plan.

  Note: "Default" will print the plan in whichever orientation is set in the "Printer" panel. Choosing "Portrait" or "Landscape" in this window will override that setting for this report only.

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