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Export selected reports as a PDF. This function compiles all selected plans and reports into a single PDF file. Printouts that have been exported to a PDF can easily be transferred to others over a network or the internet. Because PDF is an open format that is widely used, files produced in this way can be viewed by virtually anyone on Windows, Apple, or Android devices.


How To:

  1. In Measure's Print screen, check the box next to each report that should be included in the export.
  2. Verify that each report is configured correctly by checking the Print Preview. If the formatting of a report needs to be adjusted, click the Print_Settings_Button.png button to the right of it and the report's settings window will appear.
  3. Click the PDF button in the upper-left corner of the screen.
  4. In the window that appears, provide a name and export location for the file, set any other necessary parameters, and click OK to generate the PDF.

 Note: Measure's PDF export process utilizes a standard Windows component called the "XPS Document Writer". If this component has been disabled or uninstalled, the operation will fail.

The "Export to PDF" Window


Save as PDF file
The selected plans and reports will be exported as a standard PDF file. If this option is chosen, a path and name for the file must be provided in the text field directly below it.

Send to RFMS store as attachment
Use this option to export the selected plans and reports as a PDF and attach them to the current project's order, bid, or estimate in RFMS/Bidpro.


  • This feature will only work if the project has already been exported to RFMS and a quote or order number has been sent back to Measure.

  • Reports are selected when exporting the project to RFMS. Use this feature when additional reports need to be sent to RFMS, or if the original attachment has been deleted or needs to be changed.

File Name and Path
The path listed in this field will be the "Default Project Folder" from the "Save" section of the Measure Options window. Click the "Browse" button to select a different folder or a path may be entered manually. A name for the PDF must be entered after the final \ in the path.

Paper Size
Select a paper size for the PDF from the drop-down menu.

  Tip: In order for the PDF to perfectly match up with the appearance of the Print Preview, the paper size selected here must be the same as the one specified under Measure's "Printer" settings.

Sheets to Export
Place a check next to each sheet that should be included in the PDF. By default, only the sheet that was active when the Print panel was accessed is enabled. Click the "Select All" button in the lower-left corner of the window to automatically select all sheets.

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