Page Layout

Enter header and footer data or blueprint notes.


Layout options primarily deal with headers and footers or blueprint boxes placed along one side of the page. Text added to the layout will persist into all projects opened on the workstation. By utilizing the tag feature (discussed below), header/footer information that is unique to each project will automatically update when a job is loaded into Measure.

Access layout options by navigating to the "Print" screen and clicking the "Layout" button in the lower-left corner of the screen. Any changes made here will be pushed to the layout in the Forms feature, and vice versa.

The "Layout" Panel


Select a layout. "Standard headers and footers" is the default setting, but there are also options to use blueprint boxes instead. The example below shows blueprint boxes along the bottom of the plan, but any side of the page may be used.

Standard Headers and Footers

Blueprint Boxes

Choose an element of the layout to edit. When this button is clicked, a generic, sample report will appear with all layout elements highlighted. The sample is representative of the layout currently in use. The example to the right is based on the "Standard" layout. If one of the "Blueprint box" options are in use, the sample will reflect that.

All layout elements are highlighted. The element displayed in yellow is the one that is currently selected, whereas those highlighted in cyan may be selected by left-clicking.


Select a color for the text. If existing text is selected when a color is chosen, the color will be applied to it. If no text is selected, the color will only be applied to newly entered text.

Indicate how the contents of the currently selected element should be aligned. As with text color, the alignment will be applied to any existing text that is highlighted. If no text is selected, the alignment will only be applied to the first paragraph.

Displays the font that is currently being used. Click the Ellipsis_Button.png button to open Windows' standard font selection interface and modify the font used on any currently selected text. If no text is selected, then any changes will be applied to new text as it is entered.

Tip: Different fonts, font sizes, etc. may be used within the same element.

Text Field
Enter text or click the Ellipsis_Button.png button to the right of the text field to select a tag. Data entered in this field will be displayed in the currently selected element and will persist into all projects opened on the workstation. Because Layouts are persistent, any plain text entered should be universal to all projects.

Any data that is not universal should be added as a tag. Tags are distinguished by the < and > signs enclosing them. They are used to represent data that should be adjusted dynamically at the time of printing.

Example: The customer's address will generally be different for each project. Instead of entering it directly in the text field, select the <FullCustomerAddress> tag. The address that was entered in Measure's "Customer Information" window will now be mapped to the report in place of the tag.

Click the Ellipsis_Button.png next to the Logo field and select an image file, or enter a path and file name directly in the Logo field. The image will be added to the currently selected element.

Valid formats: .PNG, .JPG, .BMP, .GIF, .TIFF

Image Width
Enter the desired width of the logo image. This field will only be available within elements that utilize a logo.

Box Width
Enter the desired width of the currently selected blueprint box. This field will only be available when one of the "Blueprint Box layouts is in use.


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