Room Plan

The Room Plan focuses on the overall layout of the project and serves as a guide for where material is being used.

Sample Report:


Report Options



Include in report: Everything / Selection Only

Indicate whether to have the entire project included in the report or only what has been selected in the drawing area.

Print across multiple pages

Spread the report across multiple pages. (i.e. 1:1, 1:2, 2:2 etc.) Selecting this option will override the option for Print to Scale.

Print to Scale

Choose from a list of scale options or set a custom scale for the print.

Suppress margins, headers, footers, and legends

Print the room plan without margins, headers footers, and legends.

Product Legend

Change the position and font size of the product legend.

Show quantities in legend

Display total quantities of each product in the legend.

Show add-ons in legend

Include add-ons in the the product legend.

Include Graphics

Include any underlying blueprint in the report.

Crop graphics automatically

Crop the blueprint graphics to include only the portion that has been traced over is visible.

Cross Hatching

If cross hatching has been enabled for products, this option allows it to be printed in place of the products color.

Show Dimensions

Display measurements of each room.

Show Room Names

Display room names.

Show lay direction

Display an arrow in each room to indicate product lay direction.

Show annotation flags

If a room has notes or add-ons, then this option will display icons in the corner of the room to indicate these annotations.

Show room area

Display the area of each room next to the room name.

Show tile numbers

Display numbers on partial tiles to indicate where they are being reused.

Show tile arrows

Display lay direction arrows for each tile.

One room per page

Each room in the project will be printed on a different page.


Choose a print orientation for the plan.

Note: "Default" will print the plan in whichever orientation is set in the "Printer" panel. Choosing "Portrait" or "Landscape" in this window will override that setting for this report only.

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