Miscellaneous Product List Options

There are several additional features and options that allow users to further manage their products, as well as the appearance of the Product List itself.


1.  Toggle Layout
Toggle the Product Category layout between a list on the left side of the screen and a tab-based format that runs across the top of the screen.

2.  Product Wizard
Open the Add Product Wizard. This feature walks users through the process of creating a new product and helps to ensure that no steps are missed.

  Note: This tool is primarily for new users. Experienced Measure users generally find that adding a product to the list manually is more efficient.

3.  Copy Add-ons
Select a product that has at least one Product Add-on attached to it and click this button to copy the Add-on(s). Copied Add-ons can then be pasted into other products.

4.  Paste Add-ons
Paste any copied Product Add-ons into the currently selected product(s).

  Tip: When multiple products need to utilize the same Add-ons, save time by establishing them on a single product, and copying and pasting them onto the rest.

5.  Duplicate
Create an exact copy of the selected products(s). Products duplicated with this tool will be added to the currently selected category and share the same name, attributes, and Product Add-ons.

6.  Move
Select one or more products, click this button, and select a category to which the product(s) should be moved.

  Note: Products can only be moved between categories of the exact same type. For example, a product under a "Carpet/Roll" category cannot be moved to a "Vinyl" category even though both products are roll-based.

7.  Columns
Open a customizable checklist of all columns available within the current product category.

  Tip: Keep your Product List tidy by removing columns that will not be used within your organization.


8.  Range Edit
Edit information for multiple lines at once. Please see the article How to Edit Multiple Lines at Once on the Worksheet for more information. 

9. Apply & Keep Open
Apply changes made to the Product List and keep it open.

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