Touch Draw

The Touch Draw tools allows you to sketch a room shape with your finger or stylus. After drawing the shapes you can set the exact measurements.

How To:

  1. Tap the blue plus icon PlusIcon.png and select Touch Draw.
  2. Sketch as many room shapes as you need. You can even include holes. When you are done sketching tap the check mark icon Tip: be sure that the room shapes are completely closed
  3. Select a wall and use the keypad, or Disto, to enter its measurement. All other walls will be set to a length relative to this first wall.
  4. Select the next wall segment and continue around the room until complete.
  5. Use the tool bar at the top to undo/redo LD_undo_redo.png, delete a room LD_trash.png, select the next or previous line segment of a room LD_next_previous_line.png, or change to direction in which a wall segment extends or retracts LD_change_start_point.png.
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