Adjust Room Product Settings

In the Room tab there are different settings that can be modified for either Roll or Tile products.

Roll Products:


Lay Direction
Adjust the product lay direction.
Maximum t-seams
Set the maximum allowed t-seams for the selected room(s).

Tile Products:


Lay Direction
Adjust tile lay direction
Tile Pattern Drop
Set a pattern drop for tile between none and 1/2 inch.
Select tile alignment to be automatically calculated for the least amount of waste, set to Center Tile, or set to Center Edge.
Retail Tile Calculations
Having this box checked sets tile calculation to retail. This gives you a more accurate estimate of the exact tile usage. Unchecking it changes the calculation type to area calculation. This option supplies the net area only.
Keeping this unchecked is not a sticky setting. It defaults to always be checked.
For more information on Tile Count (Retail) vs Area Calculation please see our article on Basic Calculation Methods. Specifically the sections of Area, for Area Calculation, and Other, for Tile Count.
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