How to Select Rooms and Other Objects

Selecting rooms and object on your drawing will be a common action in Measure Mobile. Having multiple rooms selected at once is useful when you want to adjust the properties for multiple rooms at once. Changes include the assigned product or group, merging rooms, and aligning rooms.

Visual Changes when a Room is Selected

select rooms.png

Selected rooms will have a contrasting color border and filter over the room/object.

Selecting Rooms or Clipart or Annotations Via the Drawing Screen

Objects can bee selected by tapping them one at a time in the drawing area or by using the boundary box tool, boundary_box.png, to select multiple rooms as once. The boundary tool is located on the right side of the toolbar.

boudary_select.png multiple_select.png

 Tip: A room will be selected as long as the boundary box is touching some part of the room.

Selecting Rooms Via the Room Tab

room_product.png Select room(s) by product. Choosing a product from the Room tab will select all rooms with that product assigned.
room_groups.png Select room(s) by group. Choosing a group from the Room tab will select all rooms assigned to that group.

 Tip: The numbers next to the products or room group indicate how many rooms contain that product.

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