How to Edit a Room

Whether you have added a room to your drawing using a quick room, free draw, or other method, editing a rooms shape is the same process for each. If you would like to edit a rooms dimensions with a Disto laser measuring device please see our How to Edit a Room with a Disto article

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Editing Dimensions

Drag room handles to manually increase or decrease length of sides.

  1. Select room, then the edit button edit_area.png.
  2. Use the square room handles to lengthen or shorten sides.
  3. Tap anywhere on the drawing to deselect the room.


Use the keypad to enter the length of each side.

  1. Select room, then the edit button edit_area.png.
  2. Select a square handle along one side of the room. The side will have a red line direction arrow appear and all room handles will have red indicator lines around them.
  3. Enter the desired length in the Keypad to the right. Tap the checkmark to apply the new length.
  4. Use the Reverse Direction reverse.png button to change the line direction arrow. Use the Next forward.png and Previous backward.png buttons to select the next or previous side.


Use a Disto laser measuring device to assign length to sides

Editing Angles

Use the circular handles to adjust angles. For information about how to adjust angles while drawing a room please see our Line Draw article



Tools for Editing a Room

Copy, Lock, Delete

Delete Room

  1. Select a room(s) then tap the Delete button to remove it.



Copy Room

  1. Select a room(s) the tap the Copy button to duplicate the rooms. They will automatically appear on the drawing area. 




  1. Select a room(s) then tap the Lock button.

Locked rooms cannot be edited or moved. A lock icon will appear in rooms that are locked.


Flip, Rotate, Join, Punch Out, Split, Attach


Flip Horizontal or Vertical

  1. Select a room and make sure the Room tab is selected to the right.
  2. In the bottom right of the screen there will be a row of icons. Select either to flip vertically or horizontally.



Rotate Room

  1. Select a room then tap the Rotate button
  2. Using the rotation handle in the corners of the room spin the room to the desired angle. 
  3. Use the angle meter in the top left of the drawing screen as your guide.

Join Rooms

  1. Select two or more rooms that are touching
  2. Tap the Merge button to combine the areas

Punch Out

  1. Select two overlapping rooms
  2. Tap the Punch Out button. The bottom room will be reshaped to fit around the overlapping area of the top room

 Tip: To change which room is on top, select it, drag it away from the room it is touching, then reposition it. This will ensure that it is arranged as the top room.


 Tip: If punching out a smaller area from a larger area, place the smaller area on top and select it first.


Split Room

  1. Select a room then select the split tool
  2. Drag the splitter line, or either of the ends, to position
  3. Tap Split tool again to perform the split

Attach Room

  1. Select two rooms, then the Attach Room button
  2. Select a single side from each room
  3. Tap the Attach Room button again
Line Direction, Points, Curves, Break Open

Reverse line direction.

A red arrow indicates the direction of the side currently selected. Any amount added or substracted will be from that direction. It also indicates which direction the next selected line will be from.


Add Point

  1. Select a room, then the edit button
  2. Select a side
  3. Tap the Add Point button to insert a point along the selected side.
  4. Drag Points or Side handles to edit the shape of the room



Remove Point

  1. Select a room, then the edit button edit_area.png
  2. Select a side
  3. Tap the Remove Point button. The point at the back of the red line direction arrow will be removed. To switch line directions use the Reverse line direction button reverse.png.

Add Symmetrical Curve

  1. Select room, then the edit button
  2. Select a side
  3. Tap the Add Symmetrical Curve button
  4. Drag a handle, both will move, and use the angle guide to achieve the desired arc.symmectrical_curve.png

Add Curve

  1. Select room, then the edit button
  2. Select a side
  3. Tap the Add Curve button
  4. Drag the handles, they move independently of each other, to achieve the desired shape

Remove Curve

  1. Select a room, then the edit button
  2. Select a side with an curve
  3. Tap the Remove Curve button

Break Open Room

  1. Select a room, then the edit button
  2. Select a the side you want to break open then tap the Break Open tool
  3. Draw the addition/adjustment to the room using the Free Draw method
  4. Close room to complete the edit
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