How to Add Holes to Rooms

Holes may be added to a room anytime after it has been drawn and even if it has a product assigned to it. These holes can be resized as well as moved around the room.

  Tip: Perimeter products can also be applied to holes. For more information please see the article How to Add Perimeter Products to Rooms.

Video Tutorial

Add a Hole

  1. Select a room
  2. Tap the blue plus icon, PlusIcon.png, to open the Add Menu
  3. Select either a square or a circular hole shape.

Editing Hole Shapes

  • Angles: Tap and hold a point, then drag it to adjust the angle.
  • Segment Lengths: Slide the handles to edit the length or select a segment and enter an exact measurement in the keypad.

Moving Holes

  • Holes may be moved anywhere in the room by sliding the 4 arrow icon at its center. Guideline measurements will appear to help with placement.move_hole.png
  • Overlapping holes will combine them into one larger hole with an amended shape.
    merge_holes_1.png merge_holes_2.png


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