How to Edit a Room with a Disto




How To

  1.  Make sure you have connected a Disto measuring device.

  2. Select a room, the edit button, then select a side of a room by tapping on its handle.
  3. Tap the Bluetooth button to open the Disto menu and select your device from the list.


Begin taking measurements. Multiple can be taken before being assigned to a the room. Measurements will appear in order of newest to oldest.


Measurements can be deleted by tapping the remove_button.png button.

4. To apply a measurement to a selected side, simply tap the measurement. The next side will then automatically be selected in the direction that the arrow is facing.

5. Tap the forward or back button, F_and_B_buttons.png, to jump to the next side.

6. Tap the reverse button, reverse.png, to swap the direction of the arrow along the room side. Applied measurements will extend or contract the room based on the direction of the arrow.









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