How to Add and Edit Stairs




How To:

Insert Stairs

1. From the drawing screen tap the blue plus icon then select the stairs tool.
2. From the preconfigured stair types, select that option that best matches what is needed for the room. Tap the "Add" button to place it in the drawing area.
3. Select one segment of of the stairway and tap the edit button to begin adjusting the configuration.
4. Use the flip horizontal, flip vertical, and rotate tools to adjust the the position of the stairway. flip_and_rotate.png
5. In the right side menu adjust the riser height, tread depth, and number of stairs for a selected segment. riser__tread__number_or_stairs.png

6. Use the handles on a segment of stair to adjust the dimensions. The other stairway segments will expand or contract to match.



The riser and tread settings will be respected when the dimensions are adjusted. Steps will be added or subtracted based on these settings.


Add to the Stair Library

1. Once the stairs are finished being configured select one or more segments.
2. Tap the blue plus icon and open the Stairs tool. An additional button will appear in the lower left corner, "New". Tap this button to add the currently select stairway to the stair library.

Customization Options


Available when stair segments are selected. This option, when enabled, will allocate a single piece of material to cover multiple steps. When disabled, each tread or riser/tread combo will be allocated individually.

Rectangular Cuts

OnlyAvailable when landing segments are selected this option, when enabled, causes any unusual or pie shaped steps on a landing to be allocated as simple rectangular pieces. When disabled, the pieces will be allocated according to their exact shape.

Riser Exists

This option toggles whether material will be allocated for risers or not. This option also affects the visual appearance of the stairs in the 3D viewer.

Expanded View

This option toggles the 2D view to show the risers in the overhead view of the drawing. When disabled, the risers are hidden so that the stairway can align with surrounding rooms.

Display 3D Border

This option is visual only and affects stairs appearance in the 3D viewer.

Border Width

Enter a width for border on the stairway. Once a width is entered options appear below to select a product and color.


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