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How To:

  1. To view the roll plan, select the room containing the roll product then, select the Estimate tab from the sidebar.

Tip: Total  length, area, as well as waste percentage will appear below the style and color.

Tip: Waste is visually displayed by the white area surrounding cuts.

When a room with a roll product is selected you can use the tools in the bottom right to add, edit, and delete seams.


Flip Seam: Select room, then select the Flip Seam icon. This will flip the seams on the axis of the current lay direction
length_seam_shadow.png Length Seam: Select the Insert Length Seam tool, then tap on a location in the room to place it. The length seam will follow the current lay direction.


T Seam: Select room, select the Insert T Seam icon, then place seam by pressing in the general area, sliding it to place exactly where needed. (Tip: Use dimensions that appear as a guide.)
seam_handle_highlighted.png Move Seam: Select room, select cut, tap a seam handle, then slide the seam handle using the dimensions that appear as your guide.


Delete Seam: Select room, select cut, select seam handle, press Delete Seam icon.


To revert back to the original allocation, select room(s), then press the magic wand icon.


Apply extra waste using this tool. Calculate it by percentage, SY, or Length.

Tip: After each change made the roll plan will reallocate automatically.


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