Line Draw With Disto

The Line Draw tool is located in the Add Menu of Drawing Screen. Measurements can be added using a laser measuring device, as this article will cover, or by manually as covered in the article Line Draw.


How To:

  1. Connect a Disto measuring device.

  2. From the line draw screen, take your first Measurement with your Disto and it will appear on the right side screen. Select the measurement to use it.

  3. The screen will bring up the keypad where you can round up or adjust the measurement. You can do this by using the keypad or the up or down arrows beneath the it.
  4. Next, to the left of the keypad, choose the direction that you would like to send the measurement.
  5. Take your next Disto measurement and you will automatically be returned to the Disto menu where the measurement will be listed. Select the next measurement and continue the same process as you go around the room.


  • You can shoot multiple measurements at once, then select one at a time and choose their direction. Just be sure to select them in the correct order. The most recent measurement always appears at the top.
  • You can delete a measurement by selecting the "minus" icon next to a listed measurement.
  • If you are creating a square or rectangular room, you can use the Close Room tool after drawing just two of the sides.


Using the X3 Disto Model?


  1. Connect a Disto measuring Device
  2. From the line draw screen, take your first Measurement with the Disto and it will automatically appear in the drawing area. Continue around the room and the device will detect the direction of the walls.
  3. If you must shoot back from the outside corner of a wall to get its measurement, use the , LD_reverse_line.png, button to flip it to the correct direction.
  4. If a wall's angle isn't quite right use the, LD_toggle_angle_snapping.png, button to adjust it to within the nearest 45 degree increment.


Disto Settings

disto_settings.png Extend By:
When a Disto is connected a settings option will appear in the bottom right corner. Here you will find the option to use the Extend By feature. This allows you to add a specified amount to every measurement you take.
Round Distance to Nearest:
Round each measurement up to the nearest multiple of the length entered in this field.
Round Angles to Nearest:
Round the angle of each wall by the amount entered in this field.


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