Add Text in a Mobile Project

Adding text to your Measure Mobile project can easily be done through the Add Menu. Text is customizable and can be placed anywhere on the drawing.

Video Tutorial


How to Add Text
  1. Tap the blue plus icon, PlusIcon.png, to open the Add Menu. Then select the Add Text icon.add_text_add_menu.png
  2. Add and format your text from the Add Text dialog box. (A) Enter text, (B) change text color, (C) choose text alignment, (D) allow text to dynamically change with the size of the text box, or set the desired size.add_text_dialog.png
    (E) Text size is set using the default Unit of Measure on your project.edit_text_size.png
  3. Select Done to place the textbox on the floorplan.
  4. The text box can be resized and positioned anywhere on the drawing area.
How to Edit Text
  1. Tap on the textbox to select it.
  2. Tap the edit button, edit.png, under the Room tab to open the edit text dialog box.edit_text.png
  3. Select Save when you are finished making changes.
How to Resize Textbox

1. Tap on the text so that it is outlined by a box.

2. Select the Edit button, edit_area.png, and handles will appear on the text box. 

3. Drag the handles to resize the text box. The text will align itself based on the option selected in the edit text dialog box.


Using the Leader Arrow

How to Enable to Leader Arrow

  1. Select the text
  2. Check the box for Display Leader Arrow under the Room tab

Moving and Resizing the Leader Arrow

The leader arrow changes direction and shape as the text box is moved and resized.

  • Use the points on the leader arrow to lengthen or shorten it.
  • Use the point at the leader arrow head to adjust what it is pointing at.
  • Move text box anywhere around the drawing area and the leader arrow will stay attached to it.


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