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The Line Draw tool is located in the Add Menu of the Drawing Screen. Measurements can be added manually, as this article will cover, or by using a laser measuring device. To access the Add Menu, tap the blue plus icon PlusIcon.png.

Video Tutorial


How To:

1. From the Drawing Screen press the blue plus icon,PlusIcon.png,  this will open the Add Menu. Then, select Line Draw.


2. Enter the length of your first wall and then choose a direction. Continue in this way around the room. (If using a laser measuring device please see the article Line Draw with Disto.)


3. Use the options in the toolbar to enhance the room as you draw it.


Toolbar Options
Toolbar Options
LD_undo_redo.png Undo or redo an action
LD_trash.png Delete current drawing
LD_next_previous_line.png Move to next or previous line
LD_change_start_point.png Reverse start point for next line segment
LD_add_transition.png Inset a transition (Will default to a 3' transition. This can be edited later)
LD_reverse_line.png Reverse line direction of current line
LD_toggle_angle_snapping.png Toggle angle snapping of 45° increments

4. To close the room, tap the close room icon.


 Tip: If you are creating a square or rectangular room, you can use the Close Room tool after drawing just two of the sides.

Adjusting Angles

To adjust the angle, press and drag the red arrow until the angle you need appears in the red circle.



Adjusting Measurements

To change a Measurement, (A) tap on its handle, the white box in the middle of the wall, (B) enter the new length in the keypad and press the check mark.

You can also use the up or down arrows (C) to lengthen or shorten a selected line.

Tap anywhere on the graph paper to stop editing and continue drawing.


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