How to Remove Excess Points or Segments from a Room

Multiple points might end up being placed along a straight line, or a line that you intended to be straight, is a little bit off and has excess segments. Removing these segments will improve the geometry of the room. This minimizes the risk of error messages when apply product to a room or when Measure performs allocation.

Removing a Single Point

Points can be removed by right-clicking it and selecting Delete Point.


Removing Multiple Points at Once

What if there's a lot more than one point to remove? This is where the Remove Multiple Segments tool will help out. Remove these excess points all at once instead of individually.


  1. Select the tool, remove_multiple_segments_icon.png, from the Room section of the Home tab in the ribbon bar.
  2. Select one point along the line you want to remove segments on.
  3. Select the last point along the line you want to remove segments on. The segments that will be adjusted are highlighted with a dashed line.
  4. The unnecessary segments will be removed, simplifying the line.
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