Extended Polygon Tool

The Extended Polygon drawing tool allows you to trace a series of shared walls on a drawing and generate multiple rooms simultaneously.


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Wall Detection and Manually Drawn Lines

The Extended Polygon tool will highlight detected walls in green. This includes the center point of the wall on a blueprint which is often the optimal placement.


Lines can also been drawn by left-clicking once, to place the first point, then clicking again to place the next.


How To:

  1. Left-click once to place the first point of the wall. Click again to place the next point. The line will go from a dashed red line to a solid red line when the wall segment has been placed.

    Alternately, hover the mouse cursor over walls on the blueprint and the tool will detect them. Left click to place.
    ep_step_one.png ep_detect.png
  2. When manually drawing lines the end point of the previous line becomes the beginning of the next. To "lift the pen" from the "paper" and start a line segment in a new location, press the Tab key.
    ep_manual.png ep_manual_tab.png
  3. Immediately after a line is drawn it edited by dragging the handle at either end to lengthen or shorten it. Once the point of the next line is placed, the previous line is no longer editable.


    Use Undo or Ctrl+Z to remove changes without exiting the Extended Polygon tool.

  4. Continue placing lines ensuring that line segments overlap each other where walls meet. Only rooms that are completely enclosed within the solid red lines will be created. To close the rooms, press Enter.
    ep_overlap.png ep_close_rooms.png
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