Connecting a Disto to Measure Desktop

 Note: This feature is only available on builds 4172+

Measure Desktop allows you to connect a Disto measuring device to draw rooms as you measure them.


Using an older version of Measure?

How To:

1. From the Tools tab click on the "Activate Disto" button. 

If you have successfully paired your device in Windows, it will appear in the drop down box. Select the Disto and press the blue "play" button to start listening to the device.

Measure will display in the dropdown box any previously paired devices.

If the one you are looking for is not there choose the option Search for DISTO within range?



2. Click the blue "play" button to connect to the selected Disto device. connect_to_disto.png
3. The window will look like this when Measure and the Disto are connected. Click the blue "stop" button to disconnect/change devices.   disto_connected.png
4. If desired, use the "Extend By" feature to add a specified amount to all measurements you take. extend_by.png


Pairing a Disto with Windows

You can use a Disto with Windows 8.1 or Windows 10. Click HERE to access the Leica website for manuals on how to pair your device. Look for the articles on "Getting Started with Windows" 8 or 10.

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