Drawing Circular Rooms

The Ellipse tool is used to draw circular or oval shaped rooms. Clicking on the tool icon selects the Ellipse tool. Clicking on the down arrow to the right of the icon gives the option for the 5-Point Ellipse tool.


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Ellipse Tool

How To:

  1. Left-click at the center of where the room should be placed to start drawing.
  2. Drag the cursor outward to increase the size of the room. Use the dimensions displayed to guide the size of the room. 
  3. When you reach the proper sized room, left click again to finish the drawing.


Hold down on the Shift key while dragging the mouse to form a perfect circle.


5-Point Ellipse Tool

How To:

  1. Left-click to draw the first point.
  2. Move the mouse to the appropriate post, and left-click again to place a second point.
  3. Continue in the same way for the 3rd and 4th points.
  4. Upon placement of the 4th point, the 5th point cursor will display.
  5. Move the mouse vertically or horizontally until you have established where the 5th point should be.
  6. When you reach the proper sized room, left-click again to finish the drawing.

  Tip: Whether the ellipse is defined from the edge or center point is set in Measure options. For more information please see the section Room Drawing Settings in the article User Settings: Drawing.

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