Using a Disto with Measure Desktop

 Note: This feature is only available on builds 4172+

After you have paired and activated your Disto device, you can begin taking measurements.


Using an older version of Measure?

How To:

1. Take your first measurement. A keypad will show up on your Measure screen and display the measurement you've just taken. keypad.png
2. Select the measurement from the box under the number pad, choose the direction the wall will be drawn using the directional pad, and then click the green check mark button to draw the wall. choosing_a_direction.png

3. More than one measurement can be taken at a time. Each one will appear in the order they were taken with the first being at the top and so on.

When a measurement is used, it will be removed from the list.

4. Continue the process until the room is finished.
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