Drawing Rooms with the Keypad

Access the Keypad by clicking its icon in the Home tab of the ribbon bar, or by pressing the F2 key.


By default, the Keypad will also automatically appear when selecting a room's side. This functionality can be disabled by going to File > Measure Options > Display and unchecking the box labeled "Show keypad when edge selected".


Using and older version of Measure?


The Keypad


Explanation of Buttons
keypad_check.png Draw entered dimension.
keypad_delete.png Clear entered dimension in keypad.
keypad_undo.png Undo last action.
keypad_remove.png Clear all drawn lines.
keypad_feet.png keypad_inches.png Foot and Inch indicators if using this unit of measure.
keypad_close_room.png Close room.
keypad_disto.png Link to a Disto device.
keypad_compass.png Line direction compass. Exact angles can be entered in the center.
keypad_swap_right.png keypad_swap_left.png Select next wall clockwise or counterclockwise.
keypad_reverse_line.png Reverse line direction.
keypad_enlarge.png keypad_shrink.png Increase or decrease the size of the keypad itself.

Drawing a Room

How To:

  1. Enter a dimension
  2. Select the direction using the compass
  3. Press Enter or use the check button, keypad_check.png to draw the line
  4. Continue until all walls are drawn. Use the Close Room tool, keypad_close_room.png to complete the room

Editing an Existing Room

Changing the Length of a Side

1.  Choose the side of the room to be adjusted by left-clicking its handle with the Select tool.


2.  Confirm that the selected side is pointing in the desired direction. A side will extend or retract based on the direction of the arrow that appears over it when it is selected.


The direction of a side can be reversed by selecting it and clicking the keypad_reverse_line.png button on the keypad.


3.  Enter a new measurement for the side in the keypad's text field.

4.  Press Enter or left-click the green check button, keypad_check.png on the keypad.

Changing the Angle of a Side

1. Choose the side of the room to be adjusted by left-clicking its handle with the Select tool.


2. Left-click a direction on the direction pad.


If the side needs to be set to a specific number of degrees, enter the number in the text field at the center of the direction pad.


3. Left-click the green check button, keypad_check.png on the keypad.

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