Rectangular Holes

The Rectangular Hole tool creates holes with 90° or 45° angles in rooms.

Clicking on the tool icon selects the Rectangular Hole tool. Clicking on the down arrow to the right of the icon gives the option for the Filled Rectangular Hole tool.


rectangular_hole_3.png rectangular_hole_filled.png
Rectangular Hole
(one room)
Rectangular Hole - Filled
(two rooms)

How To:

  1. Select a room then select the Rectangular Hole tool.
  2. Use the red guides to accurately locate the start point for the hole.ellipse_hole_1.png
  3. Left-click to set the start point for the hole. Move the cursor to the opposite corner of the desired shape.
  4. Left-click a second time to complete the hole.

 Tip: Press F6 to move the aligning measurements to the next wall going clockwise around the room. Press the F7 key to move to counter-clockwise.

Moving Holes

Once a hole has been drawn in a room you can move it anywhere in the room.

  1. First, select the room. Notice the handle with arrows positioned in the center of the holemove_hole_handle.png
  2. Next, click and hold your cursor over the handle and drag the hole to a new location in the room.move_hole_example.png
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  • Is it quicker to draw room over areas then go back and cut out?

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