Default Walls


Turning on the Default Walls Feature

  1. Go to your Project Settings. This can be found by opening the left sidebar menu and tapping the settings icon located at the bottom right.

  2. Midway down the Project Settings window is a toggle for Show Default Walls. Switch the toggle to the right so that it is highlighted in blue.
  3. Next set the default wall color. If no color is chosen the walls will be shown as grey.

  4. Finally, define the default wall thickness and height.

    When done with these settings press Save.

Toggling Wall Segments

You can turn individual wall segments on or off by selecting a side and then pressing the display wall toggle icon.

The 3D Viewer

Select the 3D_icon.png icon  to open the 3D viewer.


When in the viewer use the icon in the upper right 3D_select_rooms.png to open the room selector box to change which rooms appear in the viewer.



When printing your reports, if you choose to include the Room Plan, the 3D view of the room will automatically be added to the report. The last position that the 3D image was left in the viewer is what will be displayed on the printout.

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