The Border Tool

The Border tool is used to add up to three levels of borders in a room, each with their own material. Only one room may be selected at a time to add/edit a border. 


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How to Add Borders to a Room

1. Select a room, then select Borders in the Borders section of the ribbon bar on the Home tab

2. In the Border Editor set your options


Border Editor Options
Use the Add button to add another border level in a room.
Use the remove button to remove the selected border level.
Amount up wall
Indicate how much of the border will be placed up the wall.
Lay Inward
Sets the lay direction of each border piece to be laid toward the center of the room. Unchecking this box will cause the lay direction to default to the room's lay direction.
Select the style of corner for the border.

3. Click OK to  add the border(s) to the room. 

Removing and Restoring Border Segments

1. Select the side of the room from which you want to remove a border piece.

2. Click the remove_button.png button in the Borders section of the Room tab.

select_handle.png removed_border_segment.png


3. To restore a border section, select the handle for that section and click the restore_button.png button in the Borders section of the Room tab.

 Tip: Borders can be edited manually by dragging their handles.

Using the Fill Option

1. Select one handle on the side of the room where you'd like to create a fill piece.

2. Click the fill_button.png button in the Borders section of the Room tab.


Before Fill


After Fill

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