Duplicate Room(s)


This button is no longer available in the most current version of Measure. Please see the information on the Room Multiplier tool in the Room Properties article for duplicating material. To duplicate a room shape: select the room, right-click, select copy, right-click anywhere on the drawing area, select paste.

Create a duplicate of one or more rooms on the floor plan.


A duplicated room shares almost all of the same properties as its origin room, including things like add-ons, room notes, and so on. The only property that does not carry over is the name, since each room must have its own unique name. The name assigned to a duplicate room will follow the naming scheme established in the project's settings.

How To:

  1. Select at least one room on the drawing. If the room has attached wall flaps and these should be included in the duplication process, they must also be selected.
  2. Click the Duplicate Room button on the ribbon bar. Duplicated rooms are added directly to the right of the floor plan.
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