How to Add Perimeter Products to Rooms

While drawing a room you can add perimeter products to the entire room or only certain walls of a room. 

  Tip: Perimeter products may be added to multiple rooms at once.

Video Tutorial


How to Apply a Perimeter Product to the Entire Room

  1. Select a room and under the Room tab in the right side section tap Perimeter Product
  2. Next, tap Add Product
  3. Choose a product already associated with this project, or search your product catalog. Selecting a product will add it to the room.

How to Apply or Remove a Perimeter Product to Part of a Room

  1. Select a rooms and then tap the edit room tool, edit_area.png, to be able to select a single edge of a room
  2. Switch to the Products tab and select/deselect a product already associated with the room, or tap Add Product to apply a different product or search your product catalog

      Tip: Each room edge will need to be edited independently

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