Product List Overview

The Product List contains products and services to be used in the current project. It can also be configured to hold a limited number of commonly-used items that will be available by default within each new project. Access it by clicking the "Products" drop-down box under the Home tab of the Ribbon Bar and then clicking "Product List".

Keyboard Shortcut: F3


The Product List is a fundamental part of each Measure project. When a project is loaded, its Product List is loaded as well. Likewise when a new project is started, the Product List reverts to its default state. Part of beginning a new project involves adding the products and services that will be used within it. Product data can be entered manually or imported from other data sources.

Adding Products Manually

Importing Products from RFMS
Importing Products from RFMS Online Services

Although Measure is not designed to function as a catalog or database of all products and services an organization may use, the Product List can be configured to store a limited number of default items that will be available in all new projects.

Setting Up a Default Product List

Categories, Styles, and Colors

Products are stored in Categories based on how they are to be calculated. The products within each category are listed by Style, and each Style can have any number of Colors .


A Style line contains all of the data needed to calculate the usage of that particular product or service. This would include things like product dimensions, unit of measure, and so on. Selecting a Style line causes any Colors associated with it to be displayed at the bottom of the Product List. Since product usage details are defined on the Style level, only basic color information can be included on Color lines.

Some Product List functions require that one or more items on the list be selected. Select an individual Style or Color line left-clicking the grey box directly to the left of it. Multiple lines can be selected by holding the mouse button down when selecting a line and then dragging the cursor up or down.

 Tip: Organizations with many product categories can choose to display them in a list format along the left side of the screen. Clicking the toggle.png button in the upper-left corner toggles them to a tab format.

Video Tutorials

For detailed video tutorials about the product list please click here.

Other Product List Functions

Product Types

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